By Veronica

Preparation Method:
Wood fire
Non Food Items Needed:
just the right stick

Food Items Needed:
cleaned, whole fish

At Home Preparation:
Cover stick with foil, oil the top to the length of the fish. Oil the fish. Impale fish upon stick mouth first until it is stuck in his tail enough to stay in place. Rake away a spot in the fire and shove other end of stick in the ground so the fish\’s mouth will be an inch or two above the flames when you rake the coals back. Cooking time varies by fish and fire from ten minutes to about half an hour.
Variation invented at recent leader training. Have leader trip, fall in fire, and knock fish over. Replant fish, rescue leader. Take her to first aid kit and check for burns. Notice stick was broken in incident and fish has fallen into fire. Rescue blackened fish from fire. That fish was more delicious than all the others.