By Michael Miller

July 29, 2015

So, the last few weeks I’ve committed to getting my kids off the XBox and outside. We’ve taken a few trips to places like Ginnie Springs. But, I also got my kids hooked on fishing!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my youngest fishing (he’s 9). We went to the pier and set up shop. after a few catfish, he started to get board and a storm that had went out over the water was drifting back our way.

Just as we were getting ready to pack up, my pole doubled over (it is a heavy action rod) and I heard my son yell with excitement “Fish on!” I looked around and my nine year old had grabbed my rod and was pulling back as hard as he could. His face was beet red! I ran up and coached him, telling him to walk the line to the end of the pier. He fought the monster on the other end for about 5 minutes but he says it felt like an hour! We got the fish up and to my surprise, it was a large bonnet-head shark; about 4 1/2 Ft. long! it was as tall as him!

His brother whom is 14 cam back later that week from a summer trip and saw the pictures. His first words when getting in the truck were “Man! Why do I always miss the good stuff!” this was coming from a kid who I couldn’t bribe to go fishing earlier in the year!

We made tentative plans to try to go fishing once a week. I fixed up my poles and bought my oldest a new heavy combo so he can fish. We’re going out tonight and I hope to make some memories. So, if you have kids with controllers glued to their hands, take them fishing! I’ll change your family!