Fishing in the Rain

By Michael February 25, 2013 It was a Wednesday, I am at work with a storm moving in and the boss tells us to pack it up for the day ( it’s 10 am). I have got a itch telling me the bass are on the move, so I ask all my fellow coworkers to […]

Fishing with friends from Germany

By Ira August 28, 2004 This was my first time fishing on a boat with my boyfriend Ralf, with the best captain “Chick” and with a very concentrated camera-man “Big John”. I was so excited to catch a big fish. John promised me, to tape me in action. When I was fighting with this big […]

Digger Fishing

By Metalman December 26, 2000 This is a story about digger fishing it is not exactly what it sounds like. As far as I know there is no such thing as a digger fish but my friend Rick might try to tell you otherwise. It was a Friday afternoon and my boy and I were […]